Why Am I Always Hungry ?

When you combine excess calories with reduced physical activity, your metabolism slows down and your body begins to accumulate fat.  In order to increase your fat stores, the body makes you crave fattening foods and creates a constant state of hunger. Your body becomes programmed to eat everything it can see or smell, and store the excess calories as fat.

An example, in nature, is a bear two months before hibernation.  The bear has to eat constantly to generate new fat stores.

Health Factor Weight Loss reverses the tendency to crave excess calories that make fat.  The key to correcting a slow metabolism is AMPK activation. AMPK puts your body in a natural and comfortable fat burning and muscle making mode.  This AMPK activation also eliminates your cravings and constant hunger.  Our AMP Up sub-lingual spray provides the critical signaling so that your body will make AMPK and reverse the metabolism slowdown.

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