Health Factor Weight Loss has perfected it’s natural approach to weight loss and has opened up locations all over the country. Our weight loss clinic in Danville, Kentucky is available to help you with your weight loss needs. Please feel free to reach out to Kimberly Steele to book an appointment at our Danville weight loss location. You will be experiencing weight loss results within no time!


We were recently featured in Boyle County’s Neighbors magazine. Please enjoy our weight loss specialist Kimberly Steele’s article. Get to know more about her below!



Kimberly Steele is a Certified Weight Loss Specialist with Health Factor Weight Loss. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Campbellsville University and continues to study health and nutrition specifically geared at weight loss. She herself struggled for decades with obesity, food allergies and health issues directly related to her excess weight; and she has successfully lost and maintained a weight loss of over 60 pounds to date.  You can meet her at our Danville weight loss location.


Kimberly Steele is actively involved in not only her community but also the surrounding communities. She has served in different roles with United Way locally and currently serves on the Family & Consumer Sciences Board in Mercer County, Kentucky. Kimberly is also an active Community Council Member for the Campbellsville University, Harrodsburg Conover Education Center Community Council. In her free time, she enjoys developing and learning new grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free recipes and sharing these works of art or sometimes catastrophes with friends and family. She loves to cook, read and spend time with her family. Kimberly’s passion is to help others successfully achieve their weight loss goals in a healthy manner that they will be able to maintain.


You can reach Kimberly Steele via phone, email or FB: 859-583-3514, [email protected] Facebook @KYHealthFactorWeightLoss


In September of 2017 I became quite ill. I spent September of that year to January 2018 on steroids, a variety of antibiotics and had one surgery and a second one lined up. I had to go on FMLA from my job because I was not physically capable of working.  In fact, I was barely capable of living. I was a 51-year-old woman who felt like I was living in a 91 year old body with a myriad of debilitating health conditions.

As it turned out, I had gained over 25 pounds on the medication during my illness and had already been overweight before I became ill. I expressed concern to my doctor about the weight gain. Her response was that I would have to learn to live with it because I would not be able to lose weight at my age and in my condition.

It was at that point, I walked out of her office determined to prove her wrong and get my health back! I was no longer enjoying life and every day had become a struggle.  A life where I was able to travel, play with my future grandchildren, take walks with my husband was unimaginable.  Even just cleaning my home or cooking a meal became a huge chore.


I learned about HFWL about 2 weeks after my doctor had made her statement to me about never losing the weight. It was clear that I had a reached a point in my life where I was willing to make whatever changes were necessary to get my life back.  To live again! Health Factor Weight Loss literally saved my life! I have more energy than I have had in over a decade. No longer do I wake up with aches and pains, or do I feel weighed down or groggy.  I sleep well and wake up energized and ready to start my day. It feels amazing!

Today, Kimberly is our specialist at our Danville weight loss location.




I’ve lost 25lbs following Kimberly’s advice and using the Health Factor products.

Barry S. – Danville, KY



People who have struggled with weight gain and obesity are often doing everything that they know to do to prevent it, but nothing seems to work. We think, and are told by some dieticians, that we are eating healthy when we have ½ a banana with peanut butter, or a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries. What we don’t realize is when we “hit the wall” around 2:00 p.m. it is result of the “sugar drop” from the unhealthy breakfast that we ate or from eating no breakfast at all. We fail to understand our breakfast was no better than a candy bar because we ate a fat and carb together.

My approach to health and weight loss is to educate and empower people with information on nutrition and make available tools for monitoring their progress.

I love to cook! I enjoy eating too! Now, when I cook and eat, I am not swelling up, bloating up, feeling ready for a nap afterwards. Now, I am energized and satisfied. Teaching others how to have the same results that I have is exciting and fulfilling!

Is it easy? Yes, and no! Breaking our addictions to food is challenging but becomes easier after 4 weeks of commitment and follow through. Learning to shop differently at the grocery, meal plan on weekends and prepare food in advance is a lifestyle change. When I was ill, the choices were taken away from me because I was incapable of taking care of myself and my family. Now, I have a choice and I choose to eat healthy!


For my Danville Weight Loss people, my approach is not just about losing weight… it’s about getting healthy as you lose weight.

It isn’t just about losing weight… it’s about losing weight and keeping it off for good.

My weight loss approach focuses more on the bigger picture.  It’s about having energy, feeling good, living without aches and pains and loving your body!

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