Scientists at the University of California Irvine, have unveiled evidence that man-made toxins, called obesogens may be altering your metabolism and causing you to gain weight. That’s right, it’s not just the old “eat less and exercise more” story!

These obesogens are found in diet products, pharmaceutical drugs and even the environment!  They just might be the missing piece of the overweight puzzle, and here’s how.

The Obesogen Story

While water-soluble toxins are easy for the body to detox and get rid of, obesogens are fat-soluble, which means they’re made of fat, don’t detox easily and get stored in your body. The body has no choice but to dump these toxins into fat cells where they end up getting protected from the body’s built-in detoxification systems.

Obesogens are chemicals that disrupt the function of hormonal systems that many researchers believe lead to weight gain, joint pain, inflammation and in turn, numerous chronic diseases.

Obesogens have been linked to both making new fat cells and making your existing fat cells bigger. They’ve been found to increase your feelings of hunger, drive you to eat sweets and drink colas and, in general, make a mess of your metabolism! Plus they cause you to hurt more, sleep less and feel tired all the time.

How can you fix this problem? 

Losing toxic body fat is not easy. Market data indicates that the typical American dieter now makes 4 weight loss attempts a year, the highest number in 15 years. Of those that lose weight, 65% regain it back in one year and 95% have it all back in five years.

This depressing statistic suggests that most people are not receiving the best advice on how to lose weight.

Trying to lose weight while the body contains obesogens is like trying to drive a car with one foot on the brake, resulting in wasted energy and no progress.

Since you tend to shed obesogens as you lose fat, you need to lose weight. But most diet “gurus” don’t take them into account when designing a weight loss program. The few that do only counsel avoidance but that’s not going far enough.  Avoiding them is essential. But what about the one’s already in the body playing havoc with the metabolism and making you fat?

You must do something to combat obesogens if you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, otherwise these weight loss saboteurs can remain inside you for a long time.

Cut Calories, Feel Great

Sure, we advocate cutting calories to jump-start weight loss. Cutting calories is important, but avoiding headaches, hunger, and loss of lean body mass including muscle and bone mass is just as important.  We recognize that all calories are not created equal. Some calories are converted to fat, while others are converted to muscle. Our plan lets you eat less, lose weight, and feel great doing it!

Control Hunger

Normally when you diet you get hungry which results in fatigue and headaches.  We use natural techniques to eliminate hunger, fatigue and headaches.

Initiate internal fat burning

Normally your body will burn muscle before it burns fat.  When you burn muscle you lose weight without losing fat or inches.  We use a combination of all natural supplements to ensure that you are burning fat and not burning muscle.

Increase energy levels

During our program you see a health coach once a week.  During this visit we make sure you are getting the correct natural supplements and other essential nutrients.

Reset body mass

One of the most critical functions of the brain is to ensure proper body mass.  When you lose body mass the brain works hard to get you to eat to regain the lost body mass.  This is why people usually regain lost weight after they diet.  Our approach resets the body mass calculation in the brain.  As a result you do not feel the hunger and anxiety to regain your weight.  Your brain thinks your new weight is the correct weight and allows you to end the cycle of regaining weight.


Obesogens are toxins that stop your cells from functioning properly and cause your body to make belly fat. They are sometimes called endocrine disrupters, and are caused by toxicity in the environment. In animal studies, exposing animals to environmental toxins cause animals to develop belly fat without any changes in diet.   As a result, it has been concluded that obesogens are not healthy!!!

At Health Factor Weight Loss, we will eliminate Obesogens and free you from addictive cravings and hunger. In conclusion, you will lose weight without hunger or feelings of depravation.

For many, no matter how much they diet and exercise, their weight never comes off. There are many possible reasons including:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Low thyroid levels
  • Low testosterone
  • Low estrogen
  • Low vitamin D
  • Low IGF1

Although the media frames obesity as a lifestyle problem, the truth for many people is that an underlying medical issue is resulting in their inability to lose weight.

Any of these issues could be interfering with weight loss and we will analyze and address each one.

Further Reading

For further reading on obesogens check out The Obesogen Effect, by Bruce Blumberg PHD, with Kristin Loberg.

Is Health Factor Weight Loss For You?

Health Factor Weight Loss is for someone who hasn’t found success with “traditional” approaches to weight loss like cutting portions or working out more. While some people can lose weight by limiting junk food, others can’t –no matter how much they try.











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