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For any cell in the body to exist, it must produce its own energy in order to maintain basic metabolic functions such as taking up and utilizing nutrients, synthesizing new proteins, and discarding waste material. In response to systemic cellular energy deficits, the organism first encounters health disorders and will then die. Most of the cellular energy is produced in the form of adenosine triphosphate(ATP) from structures in the cell called mitochondria.  Diseases of aging are often referred to as “mitochondrial disorders”:  As mitochondrial function weakens in the cells, lowering energy production, so does the vitality of the organs such as the heart and brain.

Adenosine Monophosphate appears to be beneficial for correcting low energy production due to mitochondrial dysfunction.   Amp Up provides Adenosine Monophosphate in a sublingual spray.

Product Description

AMPK puts your body in a natural and comfortable fat burning and muscle making mode.  This AMPK activation also eliminates your cravings and constant hunger.

Our AMP Up sub-lingual spray provides the critical signaling so that your body will make AMPK and reverse the metabolism slowdown.

Ingredients: Each 6 sprays provide – Adenosine Monophosphate 25 mg
Size: 1 oz

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