Probiotic MBT

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  • Supports digestive health and balance
  • Improves gut health
  • Shelf stable
  • Proprietary/Patented Multi-Step
  • Delivery System
  • Survives harsh stomach acid for proper release in lower bowel

Product Description

Lifestyle changes and modern challenges lead to digestive imbalance of essential beneficial bacteria. With dozens of probiotic products on the market, choices can become confusing. What makes a probiotic effective is not how many billion CFU it contains but how many billion CFU survive obstacles like stomach acid, bile, hydration/activation and other environmental issues before reaching their proper destination.

BHF Probiotic contains 20 billion CFU per capsule of 7-12 strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria as well as prebiotic fiber. What makes this product stand above the rest is its unique patented delivery system, MAKTrek® Bypass Technology. This multi-step delivery system features an outer shell that dissolves in the stomach allowing an inner capsule to form, which protects the bacteria from the stomach acid. This inner capsule can then move safely to the large intestine where it can continue to break down and release the probiotics. In laboratory tests, the MAKTrek® Bypass Technlogy showed 287 times as good survivability than other systems and 1130 times greater than the “acid stable” system.

BHF Probiotics is all natural with no dairy, no wheat, no gluten, no soy, no GMOs and no artificial ingredients or unnecessary processing aids.

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