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A hot trend in diets this year is the Keto diet.  The name Keto is short for ketosis which is your bodies response to the diet.  The keto diet is a renaming of the old Atkins diet.  In this diet you increase your consumption of fats and severely restrict your consumption of carbohydrates.  After a few days of this diet, your body tries to slow down fat loss by changing your metabolism from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel.  This conversion helps preserve muscle while reducing loss of body fat.  

When you are in ketosis you body is burning fat not sugar.  Since your body is burning fat, when you consume any carbohydrates, they are not used for energy and are immediately converted to fat.  In addition people on a ketosis diet tend to eat a lot of fat, and when they stop the ketosis diet they tend to reintroduce carbohydrates without reducing their consumption of fat.  This process of reintroducing carbohydrates causes them to regain all of their lost weight.

At Health Factor Weight Loss our supplements can be used to put you in ketosis without consuming excess fat.  By adding MCT oil to our diet and replacing your afternoon fruit with nuts or avocado, you will change the health factor weight loss diet into a healthy ketosis diet.

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